SEAHATH Canning Company was founded in the year 1988, SEAHATH comes from the urdu word SEHATH which means HEALTH and the motto “Health from Sea Wealth” was the driving force behind the establishment of SEAHATH. As a company since its inception SEAHATH has focused on been synonymous to providing sea food products for healthy living to its customers throughout the world with canned tuna, sardines and mackerel under the OCEANS SECRET Label.


SEAHATH has processing & canning facilities in the lush green terrain South Goa with automated lines, skilled & dedicated workforce enabling us to provide seafood lovers with tongtue tantalizing seafood in various forms at a competitive price.

Seahath’s ongoing mission is to continuously explore new canning procedures and technologies with a focus on product innovation to process and provide high quality, customer centric, low cost seafood products for healthy living.


Seahath’s Vision is to become a leading brand in canned seafood business in the world, through a world class infrastructure, international quality standards and stringent safety procedures..


Tel :  +91 - 832- 2860412 / 6481562

Fax : +91 - 832 – 2860412

Email : info@seahath.com